Why You Should Get Your Subaru Serviced at a Dealership

If you’re happy with your current Subaru, then you have to make sure to maintain it properly. From getting your regular oil change, to tire rotations, and spark plug replacement, there’s a lot to keep track of in terms of ensuring your Subaru is in top shape. A common question that comes up among Subaru drivers is, “Should I get my vehicle serviced at a Long Island Subaru dealership or at an independent repair shop?” This has been a debate for a while now, as some people like to frequent their local repair shop for all vehicle service, but at South Shore Subaru, your local Long Island Subaru dealership, we want to make sure our customers are aware of the advantages of getting your vehicle serviced at the dealership. That’s why, in this post, we will cover why you should get your Subaru serviced at your local Long Island Subaru dealership. Below, we consider factors to consider when determining where to bring your vehicle to get serviced:

1.      Technicians: When you go to a dealership, you ensure that your vehicle is being worked on by certified technicians. In addition, these technicians specialize in your make of vehicle. For instance, if you need to bring in your Subaru Outback for service, you would want to consider the fact that by going to your Long Island Subaru dealership, you get a manufacturer-trained technician who is always keeping up with the latest vehicle updates and service techniques.


2.      Warranty: When you choose to go to a dealership to service your Subaru, the technicians make sure that everything is done in-line with your warranty. Unfortunately, if you go to a private repair shop, you can’t guarantee that the technician is always in-line with your warranty. In addition, dealerships can offer manufacturer-backed extended warranties. This saves you money in the long run and it also offers you greater convenience if you are moving.



3.      Customer Experience: Dealerships’ service centers are held to a higher standard in terms of customer satisfaction, compared to independent repair shops. That’s not to say that independent repair shops don’t have high customer satisfaction rates as well, but when you choose your local Long Island Subaru dealership, you can feel confident that they are held to corporate standards, as they represent the manufacturer.


4.      Manufacturer Recalls: When it comes to recalls and service bulletins, the dealerships have an advantage over independent repair shops. This is because dealers automatically check for recalls when you come in for service. In addition, your local dealership will receive technical service bulletins (TSB), which are special messages sent from the manufacturer. These messages will detail a repair or special service that is required for a specific issue. In this way, dealerships are more likely to be aware of everything going on for your specific vehicle.



5.      Size: Dealerships tend to have larger facilities than an independent repair shop. While size isn’t always a distinguishing factor in service, it makes a big different if your dealership has a greater number of service bays, which can accommodate more customers and lead to a quicker turnaround time. In addition, because dealerships get assistance from the manufacturer, they are typically cleaner and better maintained than small shops. At a dealership, you’ll likely have a comfortable waiting room with refreshments and a television to keep you occupied while you wait for your vehicle. Small shops can have some of these amenities too, but it’s not as common.

Why South Shore Subaru

Now that we’ve covered why you should choose your local Subaru dealership for service over a small repair shop, it’s important to note why South Shore Subaru stands out as one of the leading Subaru dealerships on Long Island. In addition to offering evening hours for service, we are now open on Saturdays, to offer our customers more flexibility when scheduling their service appointments. Finally, our technicians give you the expert care you and your vehicle deserve, which is why our loyal customers continue to come to South Shore Subaru for service.

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