Warning & Indicator Lights: When you should have your Subaru Serviced

One thing a lot of car owners are guilty of is not understanding the different dashboard warning lights on their Subaru vehicles. A strange or unfamiliar light illuminating on your dashboard could either be a normal indicator light or a sign of a potential issue with your vehicle. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with these different symbols is essential in keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape and avoiding further problems that could highly impact your maintenance costs. For your reference, we have a page dedicated to each Subaru Warning Lights and what each symbol means. Note that the same information can be found in your Subaru’s car manual that should be kept in your glove compartment.

Common Warning & Indicator Lights

50 × 50Low Tire Presser Warning Light

It is possible that there is a leak that is causing one of your tires to lose air.  If this light doesn’t appear briefly after the ignition switch is turned ON or the light appears steadily after blinking for approximately one minute, you should have your Tire Pressure Monitoring System checked. It is important to address this as soon as possible as low tire pressure could not only affect your riding comfort but lead to premature tire wear or possibly a tire blow out.

50 × 50Check Engine Warning Light/Malfunction Indicator Light

The Check Engine light is an indication that you should bring your vehicle to our Subaru Service Center as soon as possible. This is an indicator that there is a problem somewhere in the emission control system. Ignoring this indicator light may lead to serious damage that may not be covered by Subaru Warranty.

50 × 50Coolant Temperature Low Indicator Light/ Coolant Temperature High Warning Light

It is normal for this indicator to illuminate in RED and then shut off after a short time when your engine is restarted after certain driving conditions. But if this indicator behaves in any way shown here, then please take appropriate measures listed.

50 × 50Engine Low Oil Level Warning Indicator

This Oil Level Warning Indicator illuminates when your engine pressure is low and the lubricating system is not working properly. It is important that you check your oil levels and immediately add more if needed. If your engine’s oil is at its proper level and this indicator doesn’t shut off, contact our service center immediately.

Always remember that at the end of the day, you are responsible for staying on top of your car maintenance and you never wait for any light indicator to come on before getting your vehicle serviced. Stick to your Subaru’s Warranty & Maintenance Booklet, or contact us to know when your next service is due.

Car Service at South Shore Subaru

One of the great perks of having your vehicle serviced at your local long island Subaru dealership, South Shore Subaru is the complementary Multi-point inspections that our Subaru Certified Technicians conduct every time you bring in your vehicle for  service.  These inspections include the following:


·        Front-tire wear and condition

·        Rear-tire wear and condition

·        Drive-shaft joint boots

·        Condition of McPherson struts

·        Condition of rear shock absorbers

·        Condition of front brakes

·        Condition of rear brakes

·        Brake, hydraulic system (fluid, visual check)

·        Clutch hydraulic system

·        Condition of the muffler and exhaust pipes

·        Engine and transmission oil

·        Condition of drive belts

·        Drive-belts adjustment

·        Condition of radiator and coolant

·        Condition of radiator hoses

·        Condition of heater hoses

·        Condition of battery and cables

·        Condition of spark plugs and wires

·        Condition of air and fuel filters

·        Condition of wiper blades

·        Headlight operation

·        Stop, tail, and turn-signal lights

·        Heater and AC operation

·        Restraint system

·        Check windshield/glass for cracks

·        Check instrument cluster for warnings/alerts

·        Check vehicle overall safety condition



At South Shore Subaru, your vehicle is always in the right hands. We stand behind the high-quality service that we provide and guarantee the best value with a stress-free experience. Our service center is open Mondays to Fridays from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturdays from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Give us a call at 866-709-1636 or visit our service page to schedule your next service. See you soon!

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