When is the best time to have your Subaru serviced?

So, it’s time to have your vehicle serviced and you can’t seem to fit it in your busy schedule. We get it, nobody wants to spend a whole day at the service center while you could be off doing something more productive. Owning a vehicle is a big investment and to give yourself peace of mind that your vehicle is in tip-top shape and is safe to drive, regular car maintenance at an official Subaru Service Center should always be a priority. Here are a few helpful tips on the best times to have your vehicle serviced at South Shore Subaru.  




The early bird gets the worm and being one of the first people in line to get your car serviced ensures that your car will be a priority. Be sure to schedule ahead of time and request for the earliest possible time to get serviced. Scheduling your appointment before lunchtime may take a little bit more time.


After the Holidays


Service centers aren’t usually as busy the day after major holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. The week between Christmas and New Year is also a great time as most people are usually out of town or spending the holidays with friends and family. Please make sure to call in advance to see what days we are open.


Inclement Weather


People don’t usually want to go out when the weather is bad. This is a great time to go hand has your car serviced since business is slow. Do keep in mind that the safety of our clients and employees always come first. We do not recommend you driving through dangerous driving conditions.


Why South Shore Subaru?


These are all simple tips on good times to get your car serviced but the great thing about having your vehicle serviced at South Shore Subaru is that we offer a stress-free experience that is convenient for you. Our service center is open to serve you Monday to Saturday from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM.


We only use genuine Subaru service and parts with Subaru factory warranties and provide extra free of charge services such as multi-point inspection, recall, and software updates, complimentary loaner cars and shuttle services. South Shore Subaru is a service provider you can trust. Leave the work to us as you sit back, relax and enjoy complementary snacks and beverages in our very comfortable customer lounge.


What are you waiting for? Give us a call at 866-709-1636 and schedule your next service today!

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