Benefits of the Subaru Boxer Engine

It’s no secret that Subaru strives to provide drivers with a unique ride. One of the major differences that puts Subaru at the top of its class is the use of the Boxer engine. For over 50 years, Subaru has been using the Boxer engine in most of its models to give drivers a smooth, pleasant driving experience. So why has Subaru been consistently using the Boxer engine in many of its models?

Smooth Ride

Most vehicles engines are inline engines, meaning the pistons are positioned vertically and are not well balanced. In the Boxer engine, the pistons are horizontally opposed, which cancels out some of the noise and vibration. This means that when you’re driving, you’ll have a smoother ride with less bumps and noise coming from your engine. 

Better Handling

When you have a high center of gravity, like with a typical engine, you lose traction while making turns, decreasing stability and increasing the risk of the car rolling. With the Boxer engine, the lower center of gravity and balanced distribution of cylinders in the engine, keeps your tires firmly on the ground, providing more stability and safety. In vehicles that are taller or more top heavy, this is especially important in preventing rolling when turning or in extreme conditions.

Increased Performance

The weight of an engine can greatly impact the level of performance in a vehicle. The smaller size of the Boxer engine, as well as the all-aluminum construction, reduces the weight of the engine. The result is faster acceleration and a more enjoyable ride. The lighter weight of the vehicle also provides better fuel efficiency.

Crash Safety

While we never want to think that the worst could happen, it’s important that our cars are built to keep us safe. Many engines pose a risk to drivers and front passengers in the case of head-on collisions or even severe offset collisions. When the front of the vehicle is hit in an accident, the impact causes the front of the car to collapse, causing the engine to move backwards toward the driver and front passenger. If the collision is severe enough, the engine can cause major injuries. The Boxer engine’s low height allows it to be positioned to move under the car in the case of collision, minimizing the impact of the collision to the driver and passenger.

At your Long Island Subaru dealership, South Shore Subaru, we have a wide range of vehicles with Boxer engines from SUVs to sedans. Once you’ve chosen your Subaru, our expert team at the South Shore Subaru service center is factory trained to understand the intricate details of the Boxer engine to ensure the best care for your Subaru, keeping it like new!

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