How Often Does My Car Need an Oil Change on Long Island?

You’ve probably heard the traditional standard that your car needs an oil change every 3,000 miles. If you have a newer car, this may not be true. The team at South Shore Subaru, your local Long Island Subaru dealership, can help you determine how often you really need to be getting an oil change based on your car, what oil you use, and how you drive.

Below, we’ll look at the things that affect the frequency of oil changes, how to know when it’s time to head to your mechanic, and what type of oil to use when you get there.

How Many Miles Can I Drive Before an Oil Change?

Unless you have an older car, you likely don’t need to get an oil change as frequently as you think. Depending on your car, the mileage you can put on your car before an oil change ranges from 5,000 to 7,000 miles. It’s best to check your owner’s manual or discuss it with a trusted mechanic to be sure you’re giving your car what it needs.

Although every Subaru has a different recommended number of miles between oil changes, there are many things that can affect that number. If you frequently drive in stop-and-go traffic, take frequent short trips throughout the day, live in an extremely hot or cold climate, or tow heavy objects, you may need an oil change more frequently than your manual suggests. Generally, if you drive in these conditions frequently, it is recommended that you change your oil every 3,000 miles and get the oil filter changed as well.

What Can Happen if You Don’t Get Oil Changes as Recommended?

In order to understand why oil changes are important, you need to know what oil does for your car! Your engine is made of many moving parts and oil provides lubrication to make sure those parts move smoothly. Oil also absorbs heat to prevent overheating and picks up debris as it moves through the engine and brings it to the oil filter.

Over time, the oil loses the ability to lubricate the engine and absorb heat. If you don’t change your oil as often as you should, the engine can overheat and won’t run as efficiently. If you drive this way for too long, parts of the engine can wear out and, if not taken care of, can break down and need to be replaced.

Make sure you get the most out of your vehicle by sticking to a maintenance schedule. You can book an appointment online at your Long Island Subaru dealership, where our South Shore Subaru team can help you determine the right schedule for you.

What Your Dashboard Can Tell You

If the check engine light or oil gauge light comes on, don’t panic. Before assuming the worst, check the dip stick. If the oil is dark and gritty or is running low, you could need an oil change. However, if you find that this is happening frequently, or you see oil stains below where you parked your car, you may have a leak and should have a mechanic examine your car as soon as possible.

What Kind of Oil is Right for My Car?

There are a lot of options when it comes to oil, but there are four basic types you should know about: conventional, full synthetic, synthetic blend, and high mileage oil. Some cars require synthetic oil, so it’s important to check your owner’s manual or discuss your choices with a trusted mechanic to ensure you’re using the right type of oil for your car. Depending on how much you drive, the conditions you drive in, and how old your car is, you may need different types of oil.

·       Conventional Oil: If you don’t drive much or don’t do a lot of highway driving, conventional oil may be right for your car. Conventional oil isn’t ideal for extremely hot or cold climates or high-performance driving. Typically, conventional oil is less expensive but needs to be changed more frequently than other types of oil.

·       Full Synthetic Oil: Although full synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil, it typically needs to be changed less frequently which may save you money in the long run. Full synthetic oil also provides more protection and leads to less sludge build up. If you drive in extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures, full synthetic oil is more heat resistant and provides more protection in cold climates. Additionally, if you value high-performance driving, full synthetic oil ensures that your car runs as smoothly as possible.

·       Synthetic Blend Oil: This is the middle ground between conventional oil and full synthetic oil. Synthetic blends are typically less expensive than full synthetics and need to be changed less frequently than conventional oil. Synthetic blends offer better performance and protection of your engine than conventional oils.

·       High Mileage Oil: If you’ve racked up a lot of miles on your vehicle, it may be time to consider high mileage oil. Over time, the seals that keep fluids in the car begin to wear down and cause the oil to leak. High mileage oil conditions the seals to prevent leaks and provide enhanced protection for your engine.

Where to Service Your Vehicle

South Shore Subaru, your Long Island Subaru dealership, has priced out the service options for you. When you’re ready for your oil change, you can schedule your appointment with South Shore Subaru conveniently online. Check out the current promotions for available services to keep your car running smoothly without breaking the bank. No matter what services your car needs, South Shore Subaru, your local Long Island Subaru dealership, has you covered.

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