Both pickup trucks and SUVs are incredibly popular types of vehicles that people living on Long Island and surrounding New York State love. People love them because of their size and ability to transport heavy loads from one location to another. It’s their practicality that makes them so appealing.


But which is the right one for you? Both are big and burly, but are there essential differences between the two that might sway your decision one way or the other? Let’s take a look.

 The Pros Of Pickup Trucks


As a Subaru dealer, Long Island, we get a lot of questions about pickup trucks. Here are some of the reasons people choose to buy them.

 Great Towing Capabilities


Pickup trucks make towing look easy. With their high torque and powerful engines, they’re ideal for towing caravans, campers, trailers and pretty much anything else.

 Excellent Storage Bed Size


The “pick up” part of pickup trucks is perhaps their most exciting feature. You get a large storage bed that provides a flat surface on which you can load whatever you like. This feature makes them ideal for people who need something that can haul big objects from one location to another.

 High Performance Engines


Finally, pickup trucks have powerful engines. Most pickups use upgraded SUV engines. Pickups have to be more powerful because of the conditions in which drivers use them.

 The Cons Of Pickups


Of course, pickups don’t have a monopoly on advantages. Here are some of the problems:


Large engines mean that pickups tend to have poor mileages

Pickups are large and have a long wheelbase which can make them much more challenging to maneuver in tight spaces

While pickups have a large truck bed, there’s less space for passengers.

 The Pros Of SUVs


Here at hour Long island Subaru dealership, we sell a lot of SUVs. Here’s why customers tend to prefer them to pickups.

 More Space For Passengers


Pickups don’t offer much space for passengers, but Subaru SUVs do. Many Subaru SUVs provide spacious seating arrangements for five people, and some seven (though the two at the rear might not be large enough for adults).

 Better Mileage


Many Subaru SUVs use the same engine technology that appears in other models across the range. SUVs, therefore, benefit from economy or efficiency savings.

 Better Maneuverability


While SUVs are tall, they’re often more compact than pickups. Their wheelbase tends to be around the same as a regular saloon car, even though they offer more interior volume. If you need a car for city driving that offers functional space, then an SUV could be just what you need.

 Which Is Best For You: SUV Or Pickup?


While pickups have distinct advantages of their own, SUVs are probably the better choice for most people. Their lower running costs, superior handling in cities and practicality make them a compelling option. The Subaru Outback and Ascent are two city- and country-going SUVs that provide ample space, powerful engines and great mileage, keeping gas bills down. What’s more, they both avoid many of the problems, like less seating space, that you tend to encounter with pickup trucks.


So after reading that, which do you think you will buy? Get in touch with South Shore Subaru today to find out more.