Are you thinking about purchasing a new car? If so, then you have one main decision. You can either opt to purchase a Sedan or an SUV. Which is the right option? That’s what we’re going to explore here.




A sedan is a vehicle that has a closed trunk and a closed body with the trunk separated from the passenger's seat. A four-door vehicle, sedans are typically favoured by both business professionals and families.


There are various Subaru Sedans, including the Impreza, Legacy and the WRX. 


Sedan Pros


Unlike SUVs, sedans are low to the ground. This makes them more comfortable to drive around in and it’s why they are often chosen as commuter vehicles. It’s also commonly the case that sedans provide better fuel economy ratings as well as a strong MPG. So, if you are looking to save money on fuel, then this could be the right choice.


Sedans also tend to be built for performance. When you are searching for a vehicle that is going to provide you with some thrills and fun in the corners, then this could be the right decision. You certainly won’t get bored if you choose the right model.


Sedan Cons


One of the issues with sedans is that they are not typically built for all weather conditions. While they may handle rain, they won’t provide the same level of grip on the road as an SUV. Sedans are also going to offer you limited trunk space. This is due to the fact that there is no way to extend the space even if you are not using the back seats.





SUV stands for a sport utility vehicle. This powerful type of vehicle will usually have five doors with a trunk space that is part of the interior of the vehicle. These cars also tend to be equipped with four-wheel drive to ensure that they can be driven over rough terrain.


Some of the Subaru SUVs include the Ascent, the Outback and Forester.


SUV Pros


One of the biggest reasons for choosing an SUV when compared with a sedan is the storage space. It’s true to say that you are going to have a far larger space for luggage and there tends to be more features as well as compartments too.


The other main advantage is that SUVs will perform well on a variety of different road surfaces and in various conditions. So, come wind, rain or even snow, you will be able to drive your SUV on the road.


SUV Cons


A significant disadvantage of SUVs is that they can be gas guzzlers. However, it is true to say that some of the SUVs now on the market can be very fuel-friendly.


They also may not be ideal for a city car. SUVs tend to be quite large and this makes them difficult to park or even drive on more narrow roads. As such, for the standard office nine to five, a sedan can be a better choice.


We hope this helps you determine the right option for your needs.  At South Shore Subaru, your Long Island Subaru dealer, we can help you find the right vehicle to meet all the demands of your lifestyle.