Because gas prices fluctuate so rapidly, fuel efficiency is a major factor to consider when buying a car. How much do you spend on fuel each month? $200? $300? These costs need to be factored in when you are looking for your next vehicle. While fuel efficient vehicles can be more expensive, when you run all the numbers and determine you monthly costs, it might pay out in the long run.


Checking Your MPG


It’s important to check your vehicle’s fuel efficiency regularly by tracking the miles driven with the odometer per tank of gas used. Take the total number of miles driven on one tank of gas and divide by your tank’s total volume to get the MPG. Because this will change depending on the type of driving you do, it’s important to check the fuel efficiency every so often to determine the true MPG based on the way you drive. For instance, you need to consider the proportion of city driving to highway driving when determining your car’s fuel efficiency for your everyday driving.


Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid


We’re lucky that with all the advancements in technology and the auto industry, it’s not too difficult to find a car that has both the power you need to handle the road and the fuel economy to keep costs lower. Consider looking at Hybrid vehicles, like the Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid. The Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid gets 90 MPGe and still has the AWD that you need to stay secure on the road.


The reason that you can get the power and fuel efficiency you need with the Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid is because it uses Subaru StarDrive Technology, which combines the efficiency of a plug-in electric vehicle for city commuting with the long-range capability of a SUBARU BOXER® gasoline engine for road trips. The way it works is the gas engine charges the electric battery, so even if you can’t plug it in, you don’t need to worry about running out of power in the middle of a trip. You can even get up to 480 miles of total vehicle range.


Another benefit of the Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid is that it is eligible for HOV lane access in select states, which makes your daily commute even more effortless and enjoyable. Consider a hybrid vehicle if you want decent power and capabilities, while still saving tons of money on fuel. Some people save up to $350 a month on fuel by switching to a hybrid vehicle!


South Shore Subaru Helps You Make the Right Choice

At South Shore Subaru, your local Long Island Subaru dealership, our sales representatives and financial department can advise you on the vehicle that will best fit your budget while still keeping your core values in mind. We don’t want you to sacrifice power for fuel efficiency or space for fuel efficiency, which is why we may recommend one of our Subaru Crosstrek Hybrids in stock to give you the best of both worlds. Stop by your Long Island Subaru dealership today to find out more about new and used vehicle opportunities!

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