Does Your Subaru Need New Tires?

When you purchase your Subaru, it comes equipped with high-quality tires, but it’s always important to take note of the condition of your tires as time passes.  For instance, when you’re driving on Long Island, you know that the road conditions can change drastically at different times of the year, so even if your tires are in good shape in the summer, doesn’t meet they’re up to par in the winter. There are many factors that go into determining if tires need to be replaced. In this post, we’re going to go over the two signs that your Subaru needs new tires.

Why Should I Worry About My Tires?

As we said, it’s important to monitor the condition of your tires, but now let’s explain why exactly this is so important. The number one reason is safety. Specifically, when we’re talking about tire tread, if your tire tread is worn down too much, they won’t respond as well in different weather conditions. When your tire tread is good, it allows them to grip the road better. So, if you’re driving on Long Island in the winter, you can rest assured that your tires will perform better in the snow. In addition, a practical reason for monitoring your tires is that in many states it is illegal to have insufficient tread. Finally, a third reason to keep up with your tires is that if you continue to drive around with worn out tires, they can actually damage other parts of your Subaru.

Signs You Need New Tires

Based on the reasons above, it is probably obvious that you need to replace your tires when the tread depth is too low. There are two easy ways to check the tread on your own. First, you can use a quarter, by inserting it into the tread in the center of the tire with the head side pointing toward the tire. What you’re looking for is whether the top of the head is even with the tread. If so, the tires are still safe, but you should start considering getting new ones. Next, if you put a penny in the tread heads down and the tread is even with the top of the head, then the tires are becoming unsafe. This is a sign you should change your tires right way.

In addition, it is recommended that you replace your tires every six years, regardless of tread wear. That means you should always keep track of when your tires were last replaced. Keep a record in your phone or on your computer so that you know when you need to bring your Subaru to the Long Island Subaru Dealership for service. So, how old are your tires? If you don’t know, then it’s time to go through your vehicle’s paperwork and service receipts to find out. Better yet, bring it to the dealership to get it inspected and the professionals can determine what your Subaru needs.

For a general rule of thumb, refer to the table below.

When to Replace Your Tires

How You Know It’s Time

Every 6 years

Check the manufacturer date on the tire wall


When tread depth is too low

Use the quarter and penny tests





South Shore Subaru Tire Store

If you realize that your Subaru’s tires need to be replaced based on the signs above, then stop by your Long Island Subaru Dealership, South Shore Subaru and visit the tire store to find your next set of tires.

In addition to providing you with quality tires for your Subaru, we give you the Subaru 24-Month Tire Protection Plan, which includes the following:

·        24-Month Tire Protection

·        Covers tire replacement or repair

·        Complimentary Subaru Tire Roadside Assistance

·        Redeemable at any Subaru retailer

Talk to our expert Factory Trained Teams today to keep your vehicle running as it should.

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