8 Ways to Prepare Your Subaru for Winter

As the cold weather approaches, your vehicle must be in tip-top shape and ready to take on any winter driving conditions. At your Local Long Island Subaru Dealer South Shore Subaru, we believe that every vehicle on the road should be winter-ready not only for the safety of our customers but for the safety of everyone else. Slippery roads and cold temperatures can be very dangerous. It is important to note that at any time driving conditions become too extreme, safely pull over to the side of the road, switch on your blinkers and wait for the weather to clear up. We also recommend staying home and off the road when the weather is severe. Nothing is worth risking your safety. Here are 8 ways to prepare your Subaru for winter.


Fluid Levels (Oil, Wiper Fluid, Coolant) - Monitoring your vehicle's fluid levels should be done all year round especially during the winter season.  


·       Oil - Genuine Subaru Oil makes a big difference in the performance of your vehicle. It is the only oil formulated specifically for your Subaru Boxer engine.

·       Coolant – Also known as Antifreeze, the coolant in your vehicle’s radiator keeps your engine from freezing in the winter.

·        Wiper Fluid – Wiper fluid is often overlooked and some car owners never really refill their wiper fluid until it’s too late. Also, be sure to inspect your wiper blades and replace them if needed.


Tires - Faulty tires reduce traction and can lead to accidents. One thing you should always do is inspect your tires. Do you regularly monitor the pressure? Are they worn out? If you in Long Island, you know how the weather can be during the winter season. Investing in a good set of tires may seem like a big expense but you and your family’s safety should always be a priority. Unlike regular tires, snow tires are engineered to perform in cold temperatures, snow, ice, and slush. Their soft rubber compound gives your Subaru better traction and overall control during bad weather conditions.


Headlights and Brake lights - You’re going to need as much visibility as possible especially during thick winter fog or heavy snow. And having other drivers see you on the road is as important as being able to see them. For everyone’s road safety, be sure to inspect both your headlights and brake lights. 


Cold Weather & Battery – Cold temperatures are hard on your vehicle’s batteries. We recommend inspecting your battery, it’s cables, terminals, and fluid. Be sure to also check the manufacture date of your battery and see if your vehicle is due for a fresh one.


Winter Emergency Supplies – In any case you end up getting stranded in your vehicle, it is always best to keep yourself nice and warm until you can get assistance. Here are a few supplies that may come in handy.


· First Aid Kit

· Emergency Blankets

· Water and Snacks

· Flares

· Flashlights

· Small Knife

· Gloves

· Jumper Cables

· Ice Scraper

· External Battery Charger for your phone


Regularly Washing your vehicle - A fresh coat of wax protects your vehicle’s finish from salt, dirt and ice on the road. To avoid rust and corrosion of any sort, it is best to regularly wash your vehicle during the winter season.


A tank of Gas – Always keeping your gas tank at least half full during winter decreases the chances of condensation forming and possible freezing. In case you get stranded, a full tank of gas will also keep you warm for a longer period.


Schedule a Service appointment at South Shore Subaru – For your Subaru to run in top condition, it is important to have it stay up to date with your car maintenance. At South Shore Subaru, our certified mechanics will check everything for you so you could be confident on the road all year round. Schedule a service appointment today. Our service center is open 7 days a week to serve you.

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